Why Blogging Requires Patience? The Secret for Getting Success

Many things in life require lot of patience and the same goes with blogging. A blogger can’t get success immediately as blogging requires patience. A blogger needs to keep working hard if he wants to keep achieving more as a blogger. Blogging has bought a positive change in life of many, but that’s all because of the reason that they had the patience to get success with blogging. If you’re a blogger, then you should definitely understand the importance of having patience for getting success.

The combination of patience, determination, confidence and skills makes a person become a successful blogger. Here are the reasons which makes patience one of the most important things for a blogger.

Why Patience is Must for Bloggers

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1. Staying Consistent is a Must

This is one of the most important things for a blogger as if a blogger is not consistent, then his blog traffic may keep on reducing.

I’ve learnt that staying consistent is not easy especially if one is making a come back after a long time.

I didn’t blog for a month due to studies and now making a come back is not easy.

I think about writing few posts daily, but I fail to do so as I am always thinking that what I should write about.

This is the come back post and it became possible because I decided to stop thinking and start writing immediately.

2. Patience is Required to Increase Productivity

Content is the key to success for many bloggers.

If you want to produce the best content, then you not only need to write long posts, but also maintain the quality.

A blogger can write very high quality content for his blog only when he stays patient. By staying cool and consistent, a blogger may regularly be able to produce best content for his blog.

Bloggers who are productive easily write 4000 to 5000 words daily without getting stopped.

You should always try to have more focus as then only you’ll become more productive.

3. Increasing Traffic Takes Time

You can’t expect to get 1000 to 2000 visitors daily just after blogging for a month.

It may take few months and consistent hard work to get decent traffic.

If you won’t have patience, then you may fail to achieve your goal of getting good traffic.

Try out all the ways to increase traffic and ultimately you’ll achieve your target.

Patience will make you understand that it is the combination of organic and social media traffic which will make your blog become a very successful one.

4. Maintaining a Proper Schedule is a Must

If you have studies or job to handle, then giving time for blogging can become a difficult thing.

You need to have patience and have a proper daily schedule so that you’ll be able to update your blog regularly.

There are many bloggers who fail to update their blog because of their busy schedule.

I believe that a blogger should have passion for blogging as then only he will be able to make his blog a successful one.

You can’t think about publishing 15 to 20 posts in a week if you don’t have proper time, but you can definitely have the goal of publishing at least 3 to 4 quality posts every week.

5. Blogging is a Process

People looking for instant income never get success with blogging as earning with blogging requires time and efforts.

A blogger needs to go through a process daily and the process involves many steps.

A blogger needs to do research for writing the best content, then he needs to find the images for the post, then he needs to check out the mistakes and finally publish the post.

Even after publishing the post, everything is not done as he needs to promote the posts on different social networking sites.

People who have told you that blogging doesn’t require lot of time, then they might have definitely lied to you.

If you have the patience, then only you’ll be able to follow the blogging process and make your blog a popular one.

6. It Takes Time to See the Result

Even if the traffic may keep on increasing, you may not be able to earn enough income from your blog.

Monetization takes time and you need to have patience for it.

Sometimes you may have to try out the different ways of monetization as then only you’ll be able to make enough money from your blog.

If you’re not getting enough income even after having decent traffic, then you need to have patience.

More than quantity of traffic, it is the quality of traffic that matters for making a blogger earn good income every month.

The different points mentioned by me must have made you understand the importance of patience. If you want to get more patience as a blogger, then you should definitely follow some of the best bloggers as there is lot to learn from them. Some of the bloggers who are very successful and popular now didn’t give up when they were struggling. It is their patience which ultimately made them achieve their goals.


  1. says

    Very nice post mohit ji! I totally agree with you, blogging requires a lot of patience and determination. I stopped blogging many times just because I wasn’t getting any profit out of it. Now I’ve finally understood the importance of patience required for our profession. 🙂 thanks for the post

    • says

      Dipti never give up. There have been bloggers who got success late than they deserved, but finally they were able to make it big. If you’ll have patience, then definitely you’ll get huge success with this profession.

  2. says

    Hi Mohit,

    You are so right. Especially for someone who just started a blog, they cannot expect miracles. My blog is fairly new but my business is not. It takes time to attract people and have them engage to my posts. Thank you so much for this wonderful article!


    • says

      Zaria, good to see you agreeing with it.

      Yes, the traffic could be very less as your blog is new.

      Give it few months and then the traffic may keep on increasing.

      We all need to put in our efforts and have patience for getting success with our blogs.

      I am learning the art of attracting people to my blog and I hope that I will be soon able to see you again at my blog.

  3. says

    One of the highest points of our morality called PATIENCE. Most of us suffer from the lack of patience and unfortunately we cannot challenge it, but just a few have really achieved it and they are the WINNERS

    • says

      Not having patience is one of the biggest mistakes that many bloggers commit. Bloggers who have patience achieve more as compared to bloggers who don’t have patience. Sometimes its hard to give time for blogging due to work and other things, but we shouldn’t give up. Thanks Vrushali for dropping a comment.

  4. says


    Indeed blogging requires lot of patience if not then prepare for no outcome. I guess everyone needs lot of patience in blogging to gain some thing from it.

  5. says

    Hello Mohit,

    You are spot on with this.

    I have always believed that patience is the most important factor to take the blog to the next level. If we are looking for overnight success, we are never going to succeed in blogging.

    As you said, many new bloggers try to make money from their blogs, and think that it is possible in a very short amount of time. And when that do not happen, they quit.

    • says

      Every blogger wants to take his blog to the next level.

      It takes time as well as efforts.

      Making money online doing blogging is not as easy as some people think.

      You need to keep gaining knowledge and keep working hard.

      Some people left their job to do blogging only because they had started gaining success with it.

      If a blogger has lot of patience, then definitely he will get success in his long term blogging journey.

  6. says

    yes,it was true that success takes time in blogging.We need to have authority and we need to write unique content and then later the success depends on how hardwork you do.

    • says

      For becoming a successful blogger, a blogger definitely needs to invest lot of time. There are many successful bloggers in India now and they’re working damn hard to get more success. If you will keep working hard, then you’ll definitely achieve all your blogging goals.

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