Minterapp for Time Tracking on Basecamp : Know Features

Many companies which are into project management make use of Basecamp for getting tasks done properly. The most amazing thing which companies and individuals should know is that Minterapp can be integrated with Basecamp. It won’t only help you in time tracking your projects, but also help you in creating invoices. If you want to get things done faster, then definitely it may be the right to know that how Minterapp works.

Companies may definitely find Minterapp very beneficial. But, first thing companies must do is to know that how one can integrate Minterapp with Basecamp and then how to make use of all the Minterapp features.

How to Make Use of Minterapp with Basecamp?

The process of using Minterapp with Basecamp is very simple, and that’s why even newbies will be able to make use of Minterapp. Just follow the below steps and then you’ll be able to track time easily with Minterapp.

1. Firstly, link your Minterapp account to Basecamp. You’ll need to click on ‘Yes,I’ll allow access‘.

Minterapp to Time Track and Create Invoices

2. Then select the projects for which you want to do time tracking or create invoice.

3. Now Minterapp will allow you to do time tracking. Select the days or period properly to time track the activities of different employees.

Best Features of Minterapp for Basecamp

1. Integrating Minterapp with Basecamp is easy and can be done in few minutes.

2. Monitoring the time spent gets easier because of Minterapp

3. Minterapp’s admin section helps in getting all the required reports.

4. Creating invoices for different projects gets simplified because of Minterapp

5. One can easily add taxes and discounts in the invoices created by making use of Minterapp.

6. Sending invoices to clients is also easy with Minterapp. Clients will be allowed to make payment by Paypal, Stripe and other methods.

7. Option to select from different currencies is available for creating invoices.

8. Minterapp will save your time and you may not require any other tool for time tracking or creating invoices.

Minterapp for Freelancers

Freelancers too can get lot of benefits by making use of Minterapp. Freelancers will be able to know that how much time they spent on different projects, and which projects were the most profitable for them. Minterapp may help freelancers in deciding that which projects they should take again in future and which projects should be avoided. If you want to get success as a freelancer, then Minterapp can definitely help you by making you understand that which type of projects are more suitable for you.

Many freelancers have already found Minterapp to be very useful, and that’s why you should to try to know that whether you’re making best use of your time by trying out Minterapp.

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If you’ve still now not made use of Minterapp, then it may be the right time to get Minterapp’s free trial. Once you will opt for free trial, you’ll definitely decide to make use of Minterapp for long term. Try Minterapp for Time Tracking now itself and get all the benefits which other freelancers, companies etc are getting.

Minterapp is definitely the best tool to integrate with Basecamp for time tracking and creating invoices. Time tracking helps in knowing that which employees have worked properly and that’s why one will be able to reward the deserving employees. If you have been looking for a tool which can make time tracking and invoice creation easier, then definitely you need to make use of Minterapp. What’s your opinion about Minterapp? Will you immediately start using Minterapp with Basecamp?


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