How to Increase LinkedIn followers in 2023?(Organically)

LinkedIn is now one of the most popular social media marketing platforms for business professionals, job seekers, freelancers, etc.

Using the right strategies to increase LinkedIn followers can benefit every business professional in 2023.

Achieving growth and reaching 10,000 followers on LinkedIn has been possible for many of my friends and me because of consistency, the right LinkedIn marketing strategies, etc.

You can also reach 10,000 followers this year by following the right tips and strategies.

It is crucial to increase LinkedIn followers to reach your target audience to achieve more success with your business or find better job opportunities.

Let me help you to reach 10,000 LinkedIn followers this year.

Follow and implement the tips and strategies mentioned in this post to increase followers and achieve continuous growth on LinkedIn.

Increase LinkedIn Followers using Best Growth Strategies

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile is the First Step to Achieve LinkedIn Growth

If you don’t optimize your LinkedIn profile, you’re making the biggest blunder.

By optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you’ll get many benefits.

Optimizing your profile will make you appear more in LinkedIn searches, and your profile will also get ranked on search engines.

Inbound marketing has helped many LinkedIn influencers to find the best clients and collaborations.

Best Strategies to Optimize Profile to Increase LinkedIn Followers

  • Using the right keywords and phrases is useful for getting more inbound leads using LinkedIn.
  • Another strategy is using high-quality images to get more inbound leads.
  • A professional headshot photo can be helpful for the purpose of online Branding. The right photograph with the right keywords will bring you more inbound leads.
  • An interesting, catchy, and perfect headline is crucial to attracting more clients and the best opportunities. Your headline should depict the services you offer or your position in the market. You can even use keywords in your headline.
  • Keyword-rich LinkedIn profiles get the maximum exposure and inbound leads. Realize the power of having a perfectly-optimized LinkedIn profile.
  • Optimize every section of your LinkedIn profile so that you attract maximum clients.
  • Turning on the LinkedIn Creator Mode can help you to optimize your profile in the best way.
  • Don’t forget to mention your unique skills and experiences to get the best opportunities from employers and clients.

Consistency helps to Increase LinkedIn followers Consistently

Posting consistently and using the right content strategies can make you get to achieve more growth on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Pulse can help you with content creation, as it will provide you with email updates about the articles related to your profession.

You can share a variety of content in different ways as follows:

  1. Short or Long posts with a poll.
  2. Short or Long posts with an image.
  3. Short or Long posts with a question.
  4. Carousels.

Using Power of Personalized Connection Requests to Grow on LinkedIn

Connecting with the right people helps a lot.

By following the strategy of connecting with some of the most influential people from your niche, you’ll have quality connections.

You must send personalized connection requests to ensure your connection requests get accepted.

Tips and Strategies to Increase LinkedIn Followers using Personalized Connection Requests

  • Go through the best templates provided by some LinkedIn experts and writers to send the best connection requests.
  • Make strategies and lists so that you send connection requests to people, which will help you in increasing followers and get more clients.
  • Keep trying new ways to connect with the right people. New strategies can help you to grow more.
  • Learn from the personal connection requests you get from others.
  • You can use advanced search tools and filters to connect with your niche’s most influential and active people.

Personal Branding will result in Faster Growth in a Short Duration

Personal Branding is one of the main success formulas for many LinkedIn influencers.

LinkedIn influencers have got more success in a short duration because of the right personal branding strategies.

Here are some of the personal branding strategies I follow to increase followers consistently on LinkedIn:

  • Creating content targeting clients/customers.
  • Creating relatable content which is very valuable for people from your niche.
  • Solving the problems of others by sharing experiences and case studies.
  • Making others know why your upskilling journey is unique.
  • Making others know your specialties as a service provider.

If you’re looking for LinkedIn personal branding services, contact me on LinkedIn.

I always look forward to working with individuals who own startups and companies for the long term.

I believe personal Branding on LinkedIn provides many benefits. Targeting the right audience is crucial when it comes to personal Branding.

Understand the LinkedIn Algorithm to Make Sure your Growth doesn’t Stop

Some people might have told you to never focus on the algorithm when doing social media marketing, but I don’t agree with the same.

It is always crucial to understand how the algorithm works for any platform.

I understand it is hard to predict the algorithm perfectly, but one can understand a few things and get more success.

Here are some of the few things you should know to understand the LinkedIn algorithm:

  • Best time for posting content.
  • Type of content which can bring you the maximum reach.
  • Current LinkedIn trends.
  • Benefits of collaborating with others and the best way of collaboration.

Using the Power of LinkedIn Advertising for Getting More Clients/Customers

LinkedIn advertising has become a popular tool for service providers and brands to get clients/customers.

You should use the power of LinkedIn advertising to target the right audience from your selected location to get the maximum leads.

Even if Facebook Ads and Google Ads have been very popular for lead generation, businesses are now using the power of LinkedIn Ads to get the best leads.

You need to try out LinkedIn Ads and continuously track your advertising activity to know if you’re getting good results by setting up LinkedIn ads.

Start a LinkedIn Newsletter to Grow More and Expand Your Audience

LinkedIn Newsletters are getting more popular day by day.

One of the reasons people start a LinkedIn newsletter is the benefits of creating such newsletters regularly.

LinkedIn newsletters appear to the audience in 2 different ways:

  1. In-app notifications.
  2. Email notifications.

As LinkedIn newsletters reach most people who subscribe to them, they are gaining more popularity daily.

If your LinkedIn newsletter gets good engagement, your newsletter will be shown to a maximum of people in the future.

LinkedIn newsletters get the best engagement because only those who love your content or want to read your valuable newsletters to get some benefits subscribe to them.

LinkedIn newsletters also help in personal Branding, as most of your regular readers will talk about your newsletters to others. If your newsletters are valuable and beneficial, they will bring maximum readership.

Keep visiting my blog, as you may see a complete blog post about LinkedIn newsletters in the future.

Popular and Best Strategies to Increase Followers Consistently on LinkedIn

  • Post consistently.
  • Engage and respond with as many people as you can. It has been seen that people who engage more are getting more success on LinkedIn.
  • Make use of the right hashtags and keywords while posting content and comments.
  • Join groups related to your niche.
  • Follow the industry leaders and influencers from your niche.
  • Always comment on the posts by people and pages which are very popular on LinkedIn. Quality comments have helped me a lot.
  • Know the latest LinkedIn trends and create content accordingly.
  • Use the new LinkedIn features to get more success and grow followers continuously.

Having Short-Term Goals is Crucial to Increase LinkedIn Followers Consistently

Having short-term and long-term goals is crucial to get more success on LinkedIn as a creator/influencer.

You need to have short-term goals so that you increase your followers consistently.

To be a popular creator/influencer, you must plan your short-term goals.

Here is how I plan down to increase my LinkedIn followers consistently.

Goals Targets
1st Goal for LinkedIn Content Creation 1000 LinkedIn Followers
2nd Goal for LinkedIn Content Creation 3000 LinkedIn Followers
3rd Goal for LinkedIn Content Creation 5000 LinkedIn Followers
4th Goal for LinkedIn Content Creation 10000 LinkedIn Followers
5th Goal for LinkedIn Content Creation 15000 LinkedIn Followers
6th Goal for LinkedIn Content Creation 20000 LinkedIn Followers
7th Goal for LinkedIn Content Creation 30000 LinkedIn Followers
8th Goal for LinkedIn Content Creation 50000 LinkedIn Followers

If you follow this plan and have a proper content creation plan, you’ll reach your target of 50,000 followers.

You can’t expect to reach 50,000 followers in a few months as it is a process you need to follow to grow consistently on LinkedIn.

FAQs related to Tips and Strategies to Increase LinkedIn Followers

  1. Can one make a personal brand easily using LinkedIn?

Yes, building a personal brand using LinkedIn is possible. It takes patience and the right strategies. You need to invest months or even a year and more to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

  1. Which type of content can make you get more success on LinkedIn?

Your content should be relevant to your industry and your target audience. You can share everything related to your journey, case studies, experiences, tips, etc.

  1. Is LinkedIn better than Instagram and Twitter for generating leads for your business?

LinkedIn can be a very useful tool, depending on your business type. Yes, most businesses have started making use of LinkedIn for generating leads. Twitter and Instagram also work well for some businesses.

  1. Whether the increase in the number of LinkedIn users reduce the power of LinkedIn?

Opportunities are also increasing as the number of startups and companies increases worldwide. Even if the competition has increased on LinkedIn, you can still get many clients and collaborations.

Conclusion – Right Plan and Determination help to Increase LinkedIn Followers

LinkedIn is becoming a more powerful platform day by day. The competition is increasing daily on LinkedIn. Using my tips and strategies listed above, you’ll definitely succeed in increasing followers.

If you know any new ways to increase LinkedIn followers and achieve continuous growth in a short duration, kindly share them by commenting below.

Let’s help each other to increase our LinkedIn followers and achieve more success as freelancers.

Did you succeed to increase your LinkedIn followers by implementing the tips mentioned above?


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