Reasons Which Made Me Start ‘My Blogging Ideas’

After working as a freelance content writer for 4 years and almost nearing to complete commerce post graduation, I had to make the decision that I should start concentrating more on blogging or not. The other option which I had was to find a good job for myself. It is just 1 and a half year before that I had started concentrating more on my tech blog. I kept on improving my writing skills as well as I kept on learning On Page SEO, social media marketing and many other things.

Once my tech blog started getting good visitors, it increased my passion I already had for blogging. From a year and so I wanted to start a blog about blogging, SEO and marketing, but due to law studies I skipped this idea. Suddenly the passion increased more and finally I decided to book the domain name ‘‘ for my new blog.

Just for Your Info – I’m not a Pro Blogger and am still trying to gain more knowledge about Blogging and SEO.

I welcome everyone to my new blog and I hope that you all will enjoy reading my blog posts.

Welcome to New Blog My Blogging Ideas

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1. For Sharing My Blogging Ideas

Many bloggers are known for trying out new things. Recently the new trend which is going on in the blogging world is to start an event niche blog. I also regularly try to think about new ideas related to blogging topics, SEO, marketing etc. Many people don’t like to share all their ideas, but through this blog I wish to share as many ideas as I can. I may be even revealing some very useful ideas to achieve good search engine ranking for your new blog posts.

2. Building an Authority Blog

Ever thought about building an authority blog for yourself?

Yes, one of the main reasons to start this blog is that I want to have an authority blog of myself.

When I asked my friend a question that – “When you’ll call a blog as an authority blog?” He answered me this – “An authority blog is a blog which tries to solve the questions and queries of the readers as well as it keeps gaining loyal readers regularly

I don’t know that whether I will succeed or not in making ‘My Blogging Ideas‘ turn into an authority blog, but I can promise that I’m going to try my best for it.

3. Platform for Pro Bloggers to Share their Ideas

I had already informed my friends by sharing a status update on Facebook that I won’t be taking interviews on my new blog, but I’ll definitely wish pro bloggers to come forward and let new bloggers know their blogging ideas.

Within a month, ‘Ifham Khan’ (popular logo designer) will make us know the importance of branding for a blogger. He will let us know that how having a good logo is necessary for leaving a good first impression and making the blog readers visit your blog again and again. The logo for this blog is also designed by him only.

If you think that you’ve blogging ideas which you’ll like to share with new bloggers through my new blog, then you may definitely contact me for getting your guest post published at my blog.

4. Showcasing my Writing Skills

For 4 years I worked for a SEO company as a freelance content writer which helped me in gaining lot of experience. Even after having good experience I’m trying to improve more by going through newspapers, magazines, popular blogs etc. You must have definitely heard this saying – “Learning Process Should Never End”. I have reduced writing for clients as am more addicted to blogging now, but in the future I’ll love to write for some international clients.

5. Sponsored Reviews

My friends in blogging world trust me because I always like to be true. Most bloggers love to get sponsored posts and review opportunities for their blog, but many of them don’t like to talk about it. As I love to review new tools, plugins and Apps, it became one of the reasons to start this new blog.

Do you also like to get sponsored post opportunities for your blog?

At a recent meet one I got the chance to talk to meet ‘Harsh Agarwal‘ (owner of popular blog – Shoutmeloud). I realized that Harsh is very professional and I need to learn a lot from him. Β Motivation I got talking to him also inspired me to start this blog.

This is the first post at my blog so I was little confuse that how should I begin my new journey with it. I could have tried to make this post very lengthy, but I don’t want to bore my blog readers with the first blog post. My mentor cum friend ‘Atish Ranjan‘ who has always helped me by solving my blogging related doubts suggested me the topic for this post. I hope to get comments from all the bloggers who already know me and also from those who don’t.

Am hoping to get good support from everyone so that I can accomplish my goal of making this new blog turn into into an authority blog. Have any ideas which you’ll like to suggest for this new blog? Do let me know about them.


  1. says

    First of all, Many congratulations for this blog. I wish you all the success with it! πŸ™‚ I would expect 3-4 good posts weekly on this blog.

    Thanks for mentioning me here in your post. Appreciate it.

  2. Mohit Chabria says

    Thanks a lot Atish Ranjan bro for always being there for me…I can’t promise to write 3-4 posts every week as I have other work and law studies also to think about, but I’ll try to update this blog as regularly as I can….

  3. Sai Krishna says

    Congratulations on your new blog mohit bro, hope you’ll overcome all the obstacles and work hard to make this an authority blog πŸ™‚ Lemme know if you need my help at anytime.

  4. Mohit Chabria says

    Thanks Sai Krishna for motivating me πŸ™‚ Yes I will try my best to transform this blog into an authority blog…Haha I will surely let you know any type of support which I want from you..

  5. Mohit Chabria says

    hey Avnish brother nice to see you over here..Thanks for agreeing with the reasons mentioned by me for started this new blog..

  6. says

    HI Mohit Chabria,
    I am agree, sharing ideas and experience is great thing and people would love to read them, because those are based on personal experience. Such blogs share knowledge and people would love to read those instead of copied contents from other website and just publishing for money.

    Hope to see this blog as authority blog and wishing you best of luck for your blogging journey.

  7. Mohit Chabria says

    Thanks Bhavesh for understanding my moto behind starting this blog…..I will just post my ideas in a easy to understand language so that newbies can get good benefit from it…..Hoping to achieve my goal by working hard and getting support from all my friends πŸ™‚

  8. Eva says

    Congratulations on your new blog! I really admire your passion for blogging and your decision to open this blog. I am sure that you’ll make a lot of people happy with this blog, since many new writers – and even experienced ones – need to find some helpful information about the stuff you’re going to write about in this blog. I wish you good luck with this blog!

  9. Mohit Chabria says

    Eva thanks for always being there as a friend…Yes it is my passion for blogging which has made me start this blog. I’m hoping to provide very useful info through my blog..

  10. says

    Congrats Mohit on starting a wonderful site and a fluent post.
    Your first post flows like a river.
    Thats a good start.
    Feeling good to witness the birth of an Authority Blog.

  11. Mohit Chabria says

    ah Dennis Seymour I will be really happy if you’ll follow my new blog regularly πŸ™‚ I’ll try to come out with unique and new ideas…

  12. Mohit Chabria says

    Rashid thanks for saying so many good words about my first post at this blog…..Joseph thanks and I’ll try to regularly update this blog πŸ™‚

  13. Mohit Chabria says

    Jim Luthra it is good to have expectations, but I don’t have such a big expectation for now…Anywayz thanks a lot for motivating me…

  14. says

    Hi Mohit,

    First of all, I want to say congrats to start your blogging journey and wish you good luck to your journey and your blog. I loved your writing style how you described your reason to join blogging.

    Jyoti Chauhan

  15. Mohit Chabria says

    hey Jyoti Chauhan nice to see u over here..Thanks for liking my writing style..I also like the way you write for your blogs..Will hope that you’ll come here regularly πŸ™‚

  16. Mohit Chabria says

    Hey Ranjan thanks, but for you knowledge I’m not a new blogger..I have been doing content writing for 4 years, and running a tech blog from 2 years..Keep visiting friend…

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