Why Your Blog’s Organic Traffic is Not Increasing?

Organic traffic is very important for all the bloggers. A blog can be called as a successful blog only if it is getting enough organic traffic. Blog which is getting social media traffic mainly and very less search engine traffic cannot be called as a very successful blog. Increasing organic traffic may not be easy if everything is not been done properly. The sole purpose to write this blog post is make my readers understand that why their blog’s organic traffic may not be increasing.As per me, organic traffic can be increased only if everything is been done properly.

One mistake and your blog’s organic traffic may start decreasing or it may not increase after a particular level.

More organic traffic will increase your blog’s revenue and you may definitely be able to achieve your blogging goals.

If you’ve the focus and have been doing everything properly, then nothing will stop you from getting best search engine rankings which will bring more organic traffic to your blog.

Let me make you know the different reasons which may be making your blog get less organic traffic than it should get.

Increase Your Organic Traffic By Knowing the Mistakes

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1. On Page SEO Mistakes

One of the main reasons for less organic traffic could be that you’ve made some On Page SEO mistakes.

Improper blog title, bad headings and even improper descriptions may make your blog get less organic traffic.

You need to always have good description for your blog posts and at the same time you should avoid having lengthy descriptions.

Another important mistake you could be making that you may not be using the H1, H2 and H3 tags properly.

Even the image name and alt tags play an important role when it comes to On Page SEO.

So if you want to increase organic traffic, then first make sure that you’re not making any of the On Page SEO mistakes.

Advice – Keep reading articles on the topic ‘On Page SEO‘ and you may definitely be able to avoid all the On Page SEO mistakes. You may become the best at On Page SEO and you may even provide SEO service to different clients.

2. Less Number of Backlinks

Backlinks play an important role when it comes to search engine traffic.

You won’t be able to rank for different keywords if you’re not having enough number of backlinks.

The quality of backlinks plays an important role than the quantity, but you should have decent number of backlinks.

Guest blogging and commenting may always help you in getting more backlinks, but you should always do it in an ethical way.

Make sure that you’re having many good quality natural backlinks and then your blog’s organic traffic will definitely increase.

Even after having the best content and implementing the ON Page SEO strategies properly,your blog may not get traffic if it has very less quality backlinks.

You need to give some time regularly for making backlinks too as otherwise you may not be able to maintain the search engine rankings as the competiton may be huge.

3. Content Quality is Not Good

Even if you’re the best at SEO, you won’t be able to get good search engine traffic if the content quality is not good.

You need to avoid grammar mistakes and make your content look professional.

The sentence structure and the usage of words may also play an important role.

You can make use of popular tools like Grammarly to improve your content quality as such tools have already been helpful to many.

Make sure that you’re trying your best to improve the quality of the content you’re publishing at your blog and then your blog’s organic traffic will keep on increasing.

4. Length of the Content Could be a Reason

These days the competition is huge and that’s why the content length is also playing an important role.

If your competitors are having better content length, then most probably they will get more organic traffic.

Content length also depends on the topic and keywords that you’ve choosen.

Bloggers looking to rank for highly competitive keywords need to write very long posts as then only they will succeed.

There are some bloggers who write 500 to 800 words posts only, while some keep writing 1000 to 2000 words posts regularly.

Analyze your competitors and make sure that you’re better than them when it comes to content length as well as the quality.

5. Not Targeting Proper Keywords

Don’t waste your time and efforts in targeting very highly competitive keywords from the start itself as only established blogs may rank for them.

Always try to rank for low and medium competition keywords as well as analyze everything properly before you decide to invest your time targeting particular keywords.

If still now you didn’t give importance on targeting the right keywords, then definitely you need to change your thinking.

Give more time on deciding that which keywords you should target and which strategies you’ll use for getting the best search engine ranking.

If you’re not able to find the right keywords, then use Long Tail Pro to find best keywords so that you’ll be able to get maximum organic traffic.

6. Not Linking Out to Good Sites

Linking out to important sources can be a very good thing.

If you’ll give external links to authority sites like wikipedia, then it is quite possible that your search engine traffic may increase.

Google loves blogs which regularly link out to authority sites.

Whenever you’re using information from any authentic source, then you may definitely link out to it.

7. Your Blog’s Loading Speed is Not Good

This is one of the things which many bloggers miss out as they think that blog’s loading speed is not that important.

Blog’s loading speed plays an important role when it comes to organic traffic as blogs which have a good loading speed often get better search engine ranking.

It may be the right time to learn some new things to improve your blog loading speed as then only you’ll be able to get more organic traffic.

You can even test your blog’s loading speed and compare it with the speed of the blogs run by your competitors.

Improper SEO Reason for Less Organic Traffic

Image Credits to Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos

8. Not Linking to Old Posts

Most bloggers do inter linking properly, but there are many who fail at it.

You need to interlink to the old posts at your blog as it may help in improving the search engine rankings.

By following the best bloggers, you may be able to learn the best internal linking strategies.

Just change your internal linking strategies and then you may be able to even double your blog’s organic traffic.

9. Consistency Could be the Problem

Your blog traffic may not be increasing because you may not be publishing good content regularly on your blog.

Blogs that get updated frequently get more traffic than those blogs which are updated once or twice a month.

By being consistent, you may be able to rank for more keywords and even the keywords which are having lot of competition.

Consistency may bring a big change as you may get clear idea that whether your strategies are working or not.

If you’ll be consistent, then you may even give up your habit of been lazy and not updating your blog daily.

By being more active as a blogger, you may definitely get the best ideas that may give you the opportunity to make more money from blogging.

Organic traffic is definitely very important to survive in the blogging industry. If you’re someone who never focuses on SEO and traffic, then definitely it may be the right time to change your attitude.

The combination of good writing skills and proper knowledge about SEO will definitely allow you to establish a successful blog with very good organic traffic. Do you think that you’ve made some mistakes which is the reason that your blog’s organic traffic has not increased? Let me know these mistakes which you have made still now in your blogging journey.


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    Very informative post indeed. We bloggers are in constant look out for ways to get a good amount of traffic. It becomes all the more difficult if you are not tech savvy. Thanks for sharing.

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      I was also not a tech savvy guy as I am from commerce field. Then I realized that to be in the blogging field, I need to get better at SEO. I think everyone can learn the basic SEO if he keeps reading and keeps implementing what he learns. Thanks for coming by Garima and I hope that you’ll be able to drive more organic traffic to your blog from now.

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      Yes, the blogs with the best content quality and consistency always get success in the long run as the traffic keeps on increasing and there is traffic coming for different types of keywords.

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    Hey Mohit,
    Thanks for reminding us about what we should not do if we are to increase organic traffic. Its clear from this post that engaging in proper on-page and off-page optimization techniques consistently will bring about the needed result. It is important to stick with what has worked for others so we can attain similar results. Points 3, 5, and 9 are game changers and must not ignored!.
    I left the above comment in kingged.com as well

    • says

      Yes Sunny, both On Page and Off Page Optimization are important for seeing an increase in the organic traffic. If we will stick to what has been working for everyone, then finally we will be able to get maximum traffic from the search engines.

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    Hi Mohit ,The article is worth praising, all the techniques are very well explained and every technique is unique in its own manner.
    There are lots of other articles on same topic but its really impressive.

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    Yeah. Nice post search engine traffic is always targeted traffic. But it’s not easy to get high rank in google easily. But if we proper use our keywords, title etc over time we will get it

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    Great post, I must say you have shared all the obvious reasons why the blogs not getting organic traffic from search engines. I guess we must follow these tips for getting traffic.


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